21:90 Nutrition


Nutrition + Health Coach

University of Southern Indiana

Major: Nutrition

Minor: Strength & Conditioning


“I combine my eduation on Nutrtion with my deep passion of helping others. I developed this company to give people the knowledge and accountability they need to be successful in their personal health goals.

Working together to create the best YOU!”img-6

21:90 Nutrition Phases

Phase 1
Building Healthy Habits

Mastering the basic health habits to be successful long-term. Tracking things like sleep, water intake, fruit and vegetable intake, and more is the first step in making sure that your nutrition is on the right track.

Phase 2
Counting Calories

Understand what your specific nutrition needs are by calculating your resting metabolic rate and taking into consideration your lifestyle, and exercise level. You will learn the importance of planning ahead, how to be mindful in social settings, in addition to how to track when going out to eat, travelling, etc.

Phase 3
Understanding Macros

Understand what the calories you eat are made up of. How much of your overall caloric intake is from protein, fats, and carbs. Using Myfitnesspal for easy tracking, this phase is where the biggest differences can be seen.

Monthly Maintenance Phase

For individuals who feel confident in the knowledge, habits, and lifestyle changes they have created with the programining. They feel confident that they can continue to be successful on their own, by the coach taking a step back and the client gaining more responsibility with their nutrition.

21:90 Nutrition client - PB
21:90 Nutrition client - PB
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“Since coming to Kara, I have felt much stronger, healthier, and had much more confidence! She has helped me gain healthy muscle mass and has helped me gain knowledge on how to keep my body healthy. These lessons and healthy tips will be life long and keep my body strong.”
21:90 Nutrition client - EH
21:90 Nutrition client - EH
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“When I first worked with Kara I had the goal of looking ~great~ for my wedding. After my first two weeks I noticed that I was in serious need of a total lifestyle check. Kara took those weeks helping me focus on the key aspects of healthy eating I had lost over years of poor nutritional habits. Without even “dieting” I noticed a huge change in weight, mood, energy, and body appearance. Once we did begin more diligent tracking, I noticed gains in and out of the gym. Kara even made tracking easier with weekly follow ups and simple meal prep suggestions! After a couple months of consistent tracking macros, I noticed my ability to eat intuitively throughout the day. I could wait until the end of the day to calculate my carb, protein, and fat intake and I would be nearly spot on with my goal! And lastly the best part about working with Kara was that she reminded me that it is ok to be human and eat that dang ice cream. Her emphasis on consistency over perfection was key to me being successful and learning better habits for a healthy new me! (Oh, an additional perk was I looked stunning for our wedding)
21:90 Nutrition client - MR
21:90 Nutrition client - MR
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Working with Kara has been amazing. I started working with her last winter and I saw results extraordinarily fast. Kara genuinely cares about each of her clients and creates a plan that will work for each one of us individually. I now understand how to fuel my body properly, so I can perform to the best of my ability. Because of her, I’ve hit several PR’s and learned new skills in the gym that I didn’t think I could do!