October Sugar & Alcohol Challenge

Join us for our October Sugar & Alcohol Challenge!

The challenge runs from Oct 1-31 and costs $10 to participate.  The goal of this challenge is to make you more aware of your sugar and alcohol intake during the month of October.  This usually tends to be the month that we start to give into more temptation as we approach the Holidays.  Perfection is not expected during this challenge, but our goal is to hold you accountable for making better decisions when it comes to sugar and alcohol.


Here are the rules:

– Register on the clipboard under the TV at the gym.  Payment can be made via cash or your Zen Planner account.

– You will track daily in Train Heroic whether or not you consumed any alcoholic beverages and ate or drank more than 20g of added sugar (total throughout the day).

– Points will be tallied at the end of each week, and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers at the end of the Challenge!


What is the difference between Added Sugars and Natural Sugars?

– ADDED SUGARS are sugars that are added during the processing/preparation of foods and beverages.

– NATURAL SUGARS are naturally occurring in foods and come with fiber.  Fiber aids in slowing the digestion of sugar and prevents it from spiking blood sugar levels.


Too much added sugar in your diet can lead to:

– Increased risk of heart disease

– Tooth decay

– Increased triglyceride levels

– Increased weight gain

– Diabetes


Everyone needs a little accountability as we get into the Holiday months, and it’s only $10.  Start taking steps now to form good habits and take control of your health!  Have we mentioned that there would be prizes?!?


Click the link to register now: