What makes Notch 8 different

Notch 8 offers a unique health and fitness platform focused on creating change through a variety of channels:

• Group Coaching – Private Coaching • Education – Mentoring • Programming •
Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Services • Analytical Services • Primary Care Practitioner Liaison

Our trainers are also the best in the area. We are a group of professional strength, conditioning, nutrition, and lifestyle coaches who know how to help you reach your goals. We are not part-time trainers doing this as a side gig.
This means we’re 100% committed to the Notch 8 community and to you. Being the best coaches we can be is our passion! We hold ourselves to a higher standard and see our members’ success as our own success. Be sure to read our reviews online and on Facebook.


We want you to understand what you are getting into when you join our team. We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and you for us. We work hard and are committed to helping each person on our team achieve their best so that you can live larger and with a greater ability to do the things you want to do.

You will start to see and feel results right away, however, there is no magic pill; we don’t have a secret recipe for sale or any “get results by tomorrow” methods. You will get results, but you will work hard for them. This may require an open mind or paradigm shift but you will learn new skills for life. In return, you’ll be more likely to retain your results by living a healthy, positive lifestyle as opposed to “yo-yoing”.

No way! Just get in here a.s.a.p.! Your time is precious so use it wisely. We will meet you where you are and recommend the best path forward which may be one of our group programs an individualized program or a combination of both.

HAHA! Yeah! We love this question. With hard work and proper nutrition, you may get a six pack, or even better, an eight pack! Say what!? Yeah, that’s right! We are so advanced; we can uncover two more abs!!! All kidding aside, a well fed, well trained, healthy person may or may not have visible “abs.” That’s based on one’s body fat percentage and where one’s body fat deposits. But nice sexy looking abs is a normal result for most of our team. Even if that wasn’t the goal.

Yes you can still do this. We treat you as an individual. You will be given specific movements that you are able to do safely and which are effective for your goals. If you are an individual program design client, you will follow your own program, custom designed for you, your needs and your history. We strengthen your weaknesses and reduce your physical limitations. We use normal movements demanded in real life and sports situations. By focusing on proper movement patterns, posture and technique we can reverse years of nagging injuries and replace it with some vigor to attack Life.

Yes, real-world functional, useful muscle that will serve you well. Nothing fake here. No “display model only”.

Never. Age is just a number. How you feel is the real indicator of age. The demands of an Olympic athlete and a grandparent differ only in degree, not in kind. We all desire to maintain our independence for as long as possible.

No, we are not expensive. Ask yourself this. What is the price for not being sick, weak or hindered? How much would you pay to feel more energetic? To be healthy and free of medications? How much are you willing to spend on copayments and “sick care”. We are not a typical gym, so prices are not comparable. We are not even a typical CrossFit affiliate gym, so any comparison without meeting them first and then us is unfair and based on completely different levels of service and expertise. You don’t pay for a gym membership at Notch 8. At Notch 8 you are buying coaching. You pay for a personal fitness coach who coaches you on movement, nutrition, lifestyle practices, and finding the balance to enjoy a lifetime journey in fitness. When we understand what program style is best for your we will go over all of our fees in detail. No fancy tricks or switcharoo schemes here! We’d like you to come meet us and then decide. If you don’t see the value, or find we aren’t for you, that’s fine. Prices range anywhere from $175 - $425 per month depending upon your needs and a variety of other factors. Generally speaking, we offer 4 levels of service. Which level of service is best for you will be determined at your 1 on 1 session.

Some of our clients aren’t close enough to work out at our facility. In these cases, we will provide service virtually through the use of digital content platforms and video used in assessment and consultation scenarios. Remote coaching can be based upon existing group programming or individualized programming.

More advanced than GroupX. This is a full strength and conditioning program that can be tailored to your needs. Movements include low and high skill, but can be scaled and modified for any level, ability or restriction. Here you will see anywhere from 60-100 different movements and movement variations used over the course of the training year.. You will prepare for the Performance group by completing our Fundamentals program with your assigned coach or by testing in through demonstration of key benchmarks and movement proficiency. The number of Fundamentals sessions needed will be determined by assessment.

Here your coach will focus your program to honor basic human needs of sleep, nutrition, movement and social connection. Using a holistic approach, we help you find balance in your life. We are a non-medical health care provider using strength and conditioning, real food nutrition, and a personal approach to develop a responsible custom program for you.

We do not believe in discounts or contracts. Someone always loses in the end. We are here for us all to win. Our clients stay with us because they get results. We stay with our clients because they put in the effort to make positive change.

Yes, we are a CrossFit affiliate. And we are very different from the “norm”. CrossFit is not who we are, but it is a part of what we do in many ways. Although we are affiliated with CrossFit HQ, we are independently owned and operated. We are an affiliate because we agree with Coach Greg Glassman’s original tenets and idea’s and we agree with CrossFit’s charter to remove sugar and other health conflicting industries from nutrition sciences and to help improve people’s lives. Over time, we have honed our practices and tried to develop the best process for the long term. Short term results are just that, short, unsustainable and irresponsible from a professional coach. We are interested in your long-term health and condition. Our coaches are professional coaches and we have been in business for over 5 years. We show you what to do, how to do it, and why you are doing it. We will constantly challenge you with learning new skills and improve yourself in all facets of Life. And we can continue to help you with your results for many years.

8131 Kingston St. Avon, IN 46123
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