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Celebrate the Quiet Personal Bests

By Esther Stien “I want to get a pull-up.” “My goal is to be able to do a muscle-up.” When it comes to gymnastics, there’s no question getting your first pull-up and your first muscle-up are incredibly rewarding moments.  But sometimes by putting so much emphasis on such tangible milestones, we forget to celebrate the […]

3 Reasons to REMEMBER your numbers!

by Zeke Cutler As coaches, we can’t help but get a little heavy-hearted when we ask a client a question such as, ‘What’s your 1RM clean?’ and we are met with a blank stare. Worse still is a confused look followed by, ‘Which one’s the clean again?’ Let me reiterate: WE DO NOT care what […]

Why is Changing your Diet SO DIFFICULT?

One of the absolute hardest things as a coach is getting our clients to change their diets. For whatever reason—lack of time, motivation, willpower, or a massive sugar-addiction — it’s much easier for people to commit to a gym routine than it is for them to stop eating processed foods, or to break their overeating […]

What being a MadLab Group member means to you—the client

– by Mark McCollum If you have been coming here for a while, you’ve probably heard that we’re part of the MadLab Group (http://madlabgroup.com/). But what exactly is the MadLab Group? And how does it affect you? The MadLab Group is a worldwide network of gyms, who have worked together to figure out best practices. […]


Bubba Watson is one of the most controversial pro-golfers of our time. But there are few things about Bubba Watson many don’t know. Bubba Watson believes in God. And if you meet him in person, you’ll quickly learn that he’s unashamed to tell you so. But Watson doesn’t claim to be a perfect Christian. In […]

When things go wrong

  When things go wrong A protocol for moving forward: 0. Double check the work to make sure that there are no other problems within it. 1. Alert the relevant parties. 2. Take responsibility for what went wrong. This doesn’t mean that you intentionally did it wrong, or that doing it right was part of […]

Do Your Kids Know Why They Need God?

By Natasha Crain A few months ago, my 6-year-old daughter asked a question that has had me thinking ever since: Men’s Ring : For the no-frills guy who doesn’t want to wear a plain, a simple plaid will do. Although used for centuries in clothing and garments, the plaid ring created by our artisans is […]

Christianity: Fantasy or Reality?

I have become convinced that, in general, people are confused about religion. Somewhere along the way, folks got it into their minds that religion was a kind of spiritual fantasy club—true for you, but not necessarily true for me. Find the club that warms your heart and meets your personal needs. Do not, however, confuse religious stories with reality. That […]