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How To Use Personal Training To Get What You Want

It’s no surprise that life is full of different seasons.  For instance, consider being single and in school, single and working, working with a significant other/spouse, working while supporting a new family, working to support a family and being involved in middle aged parent madness running your kids everywhere, empty nesters, retirement.  The list provided […]

Your competitive advantage is sitting right here

Investopedia is an encyclopedia…about investing.  Which is probably where they got the name.  According to them, competitive advantages are conditions that allow a company or country to produce a good or service of equal value at a lower price or in a more desirable fashion. These conditions allow the productive entity to generate more sales […]

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It all counts, so do it all

I got to thinking about life and exercise this morning while I was out on a run with my dog. In another life, about 10+ years ago, I fancied myself a runner.  I ran trail races, 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and even 2 full marathons.  In November of 2008 I discovered CrossFit training and realized […]

Become a Logger

One of the most important reasons CrossFit and CrossFit style training is so successful is because we get a ‘measurable and repeatable’ result at the end of each day. While step 1 is just showing up and putting in the work, the real key to getting better over the long haul is to track progress […]

Why goal-setting is an absolute MUST

Goal-setting is an absolute must for people who want to succeed, find their true purpose, and create joy in their lives. Without clear goals, you will not have a clear direction on where you’re heading in your life. When you know your life purpose, determine your vision, convert your desires into achievable goals and then […]

GOMAD- Weightlifting and My Results

Strength, the pinnacle and building block of Weightlifting. There is no special magic sauce (That is legal), shortcut or way around moving more kilos. You can do one of two things to make this happen, improve mechanics or get stronger!  Of course there are a ton of variables at play here to become a more […]

Squats for the Booty and the Brain

Have you ever wondered what exercise has to offer outside of the physical world? Have you ever asked yourself what exercise does for your brain? I’m sure we have all heard the quote from the famous, Legally Blonde herself, Elle Woods, saying “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill […]