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Social Media in Bed

Many of us stay up way too late in bed scrolling through social media before we actually fall asleep at night, but few actually pay attention to the negative effects this really has. I have  noticed this personally, how much harder it is just for me to fall asleep on the nights that I stay […]

What water does for us

H2Oh… Really?! Yes, I went there.. Because today’s topic is all about the importance of staying hydrated. What does water actually do for us and why is it so important.. Keep reading to find out. As human beings, we physically can NOT live without water. It is the most critical nutrient that we can provide […]

How exercise can change your life

How Exercise Can Change Your Life What is exercise? According to Dictionary.com, the true definition of exercise is: “bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health.” The improvement of health is what really catches my eye. I think for the general population, most people don’t look at exercise as […]

Quiet Time

Quiet Time Is anyone else feeling rushed in the morning? Like there’s not enough time to get it all done before the day even really starts? No matter how early that alarm clock goes off it should have been earlier? Does chaos reign supreme as you hustle to start your day? Do you get out […]


How much water do I actually need?

Let’s talk about some of that High Quality H2O people! Today we are going to dig in on the ever looming question, how much water do I actually need? There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to drinking water and that is to drink at least half of your body weight in […]

How Did You Sleep Last Night?

I’m sure you’ve heard me or any of the other coaches talk about the fitness pyramid and what it means in our daily lives. I constantly stress on how the foundation is so important to your overall health and performance. We all agree, the foundational component of general fitness/health is nutrition but there is another […]

The End of Solitude

The End of Solitude By William Deresiewicz JANUARY 30, 2009 What does the contemporary self want? The camera has created a culture of celebrity; the computer is creating a culture of connectivity. As the two technologies converge — broadband tipping the Web from text to image, social-networking sites spreading the mesh of interconnection ever wider […]

The 7 Steps of Goal Setting

Link to print out is here. The Seven Steps of Goal Setting – Zig Ziglar (7 Steps to Success) 1. IDENTIFY THE GOAL If you don’t identify a target you will never hit it. When you identify a goal it means that you write it down and describe it clearly. Don’t set any nebulous targets. […]


Potential. Everybody has it. Few reach it. It’s easy to assume that people despise mediocrity because the world is littered with evidence of humanity’s desire to excel—our obsession with talent, our reverence for heroes, even our love of money. It’s easy to assume that everyone wants to be his or her physical best because everywhere […]