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20 June


No, we are not expensive. Ask yourself this. What is the price for not being sick, weak or hindered? How much would you pay to feel more energetic? To be healthy and free of medications? How much are you willing to spend on copayments and “sick care”.

We are not a typical gym, so prices are not comparable. We are not even a typical CrossFit affiliate gym, so any comparison without meeting them first and then us is unfair and based on completely different levels of service and expertise. You don’t pay for a gym membership at Notch 8. At Notch 8 you are buying coaching. You pay for a personal fitness coach who coaches you on movement, nutrition, lifestyle practices, and finding the balance to enjoy a lifetime journey in fitness.

When we understand what program style is best for your we will go over all of our fees in detail. No fancy tricks or switcharoo schemes here! We’d like you to come meet us and then decide. If you don’t see the value, or find we aren’t for you, that’s fine.

Prices range anywhere from $175 – $425 per month depending upon your needs and a variety of other factors. Generally speaking, we offer 4 levels of service. Which level of service is best for you will be determined at your 1 on 1 session.

8131 Kingston St. Avon, IN 46123
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