Introducing the Inbody 270!

The InBody 270 measures and records an individual’s weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat percentage. By combining data from previous scans this device can accurately track progress over time. 

The InBody 270 is made to measure body composition. Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of:  fat, muscle, and body water. This device can show change in fat mass vs muscle mass which directly correlates to your body mass index (BMI), and percent body fat (PBF).  

Go deeper than just your scale weight with the InBody 270. This is essential with individuals who want to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. With its 98% accuracy rate, this machine can easily give you updated body composition data in seconds. 

The InBody 270 Test provides easy-to-understand, accurate, and objective measurements to evaluate your body composition.

Each scan only takes about 5 minutes to complete.  You will be in and out in less than 10 minutes with your results in hand.  In order for your scan to be as accurate as possible, do not eat within 4 hours, exercise within 12 hours, or drink alcohol or coffee within 24 hours of your scan.  If you are doing a follow up scan, try to schedule it around the same time of day as your previous scan.



Payment will be made at the time of your scan by cash or through your Zen Planner account.

Single Scan – Member – $15

Single Scan – Non Member – $20

3 Scan Pass – Member – $40

3 Scan Pass – Non Member – $55


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