Jake Powers, Coach

Writing your own bio is incredibly challenging, but to me what makes it easier is talking about something that you’re passionate about. I am, and have always been passionate about pursuing personal fitness. At an early age, I realized that I could surpass those much more talented than I, with hard work. I forgot to mention that I am also competitive. Growing up in Danville, I learned the lessons of hard work in the farm fields that transferred in to athletics. I was blessed to then play football in the Big Ten where I learned from some of the best in the field of leadership. These leadership lessons and an abundance of hard work provided the opportunity to excel professionally, but also created an opportunity to lead others in the arena of personal fitness. I have now been an L1 CrossFit coach for 5 years and hope to continue for many more! I consider coaching others to be a privilege and an honor that comes with many years of learning. I am eager to continue learning, working, and leading! I am anxious to make the time we spend together, the best part of OUR day!

My family is so thankful for the warm welcome you all have provided us and hope to do the same for many others! If you happen to see my wife (Kaala), my son (Trigger), or I in the near future, please come say hi! We are so excited to share this blessing of fitness with you!