At Notch 8 we believe that client success is predicated on the athlete-coach relationship. We strive to match every athlete with a coach who can serve as a life long mentor, resource, and educator to improve your life by helping you achieve your goals both inside outside the gym.

Notch 8 offers more than group exercise. In fact, the group class is quite incidental to our goals and our mission. Notch 8 coaches can help you overcome mental and physical obstacles to success by helping you change habit incrementally so that they become life long habits.

Below are the steps to get started. Together we will determine if Notch 8 is a good fit.
Step 1

Fill out the form to schedule a no cost, no obligation, 1-on-1 session with one of our professional coaches where we can discuss your personal goals.

Step 2

Attend your session and receive professional advice on how to reach your goals. Our advice will consist of simple, time tested and practical ways to create lasting change to live your best life by partnering with your personal Coach for Life.

No fads, gimmicks or infomercial fitness gadgets will be on display.

Step 3

At the end of your session, your coach will ask you if you want join the Notch 8 family on your journey. If you say yes, the next steps will be mutually agreed upon.

If you say no, we will shake your hand and open the trap door beneath your feet. Just kidding, we will be super nice and thank you for your time.


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