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2023 CrossFit Open

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February “Hold It Together” Challenge


The Challenge: Every weekday in February, accumulate 2 minutes in a hold position.

Challenge Dates: Weekdays, February 1st – February 28th

Scoring: The scoring is a checkmark if you completed your 2 minutes that day. You cannot make up for past days by doing extra, so get it in each weekday!

Movements that Count: It’s your choice! You can do planks, handstands, hollow/tuck holds, or any combination. The 2 minutes doesn’t need to be done all at once. Just accumulate at least two minutes throughout each weekday.

Movement Videos: any combination of these movements counts towards the two minutes. Planks can be done on forearms or hands.

Plank or Knee Plank

Side Plank

Hollow Hold or Tuck Hold

Handstand Hold: feet on box/object, against the wall, or freestanding

Bear Hover Hold: this option is great for expectant mothers or new moms returning to CrossFit. It doesn’t need to be weighted.

Looking for more of a challenge? Try a plank on low rings or a weighted plank!