JD Stien

JD Stien

Owner/Head Coach - Notch 8 Barbell Club

Owner and Head Coach of Notch 8 Barbell Club

I began my journey as a weightlifter at a young age. I was first introduced to the Olympic movements while in college track in the mid 1990’s. I always enjoyed the challenge of the movements but never really focused on them until later in life. My goal when we started Notch 8 Barbell Club was to create a barbell club that would provide the following pillars of success:

Increased Confidence: How to overcome challenges, make better decisions, and be a part of community of people who aspire to pursue better human performance.

Increase Strength: My goal is for you to hit new PR’s and get stronger while learning.

Increase Explosiveness: Develop explosive power, faster foot speed, and learn to change directions with speed and precision under load.

Develop a Resilient Athlete: Decrease your chances of injury, be durable, increase your athleticism, and improve your lifting mechanics.

As your coach I want to get to know YOU. Most if not all of my athletes will tell you that I want to get to know them on a personal level, not just be their lifting coach. While I want to see the above things happen for them, life is about so much more than weightlifting. I think that this sport allows us a glimpse at just how more successful we can be in everything we do with determination and discipline. Proverbs 27:17 states “As iron sharpens iron, so one person should sharpen another”. God’s scripture is clear in this verse, and it’s the mantra I aspire to live by as your coach. Notch 8 Barbell is a special community that invests in each other. Are you up for the challenge to be the best version of yourself? As you will hear me say a lot, “LETS GO!”

My athletic accomplishments include the following:

1995, 1996, and 1997 NCAA D3 All-American in Track and Field

1996 NCAA D3 National Champion in the Decathlon

1996 and 1997 MIAA MVP in Track and Field

2018 US Masters Weightlifting Nationals M40 105 National Runner Up

2019 AO1 M45 102 Master Champion

2019 IWF Masters World Weightlifting Championships M45 102 Silver Medalist

2020 AO1 M45 102 Master Champion

2020 US Masters Weightlifting Nationals M45 102 National Champion

Certifications: USAW-SP1 and CWPC-1