$155 / per month

If your goal is improved athletic performance and becoming a more powerful and agile athlete you have come to the right place.

Our expert coaches can help you forge a more powerful, competitive and durable presence on the field, on the track, or in the arena. By teaching core to extremity concepts, and using high endurance conditioning principles to develop strength, agility, endurance and explosive athletic power you are sure to gain a competitive advantage in individual and team sports that will translate to more wins and more personal records.

The Notch 8 roster is filled with success stories of accomplishment and pride that come with improved performance across all different types of sports and competitive athletic pursuits.

$125 / per month

Notch 8 Barbell Club is a program designed around the sport of Olympic Weightlifting which is comprised of two lifts; the Clean Jerk and the Snatch.

These lifts are used in our performance program as well. Notch 8 Barbell Club is the ideal environment for anyone who wants to master these complex lifts. Here you will focus on form, technique and learn how your specific body type impacts how you lift. We are a USAW affiliate club with USAW certified coaches.

Our barbell club and competition teams treat training as a sport in and of itself, versus a tool to do other things. Both groups still have fun but train more volume during their sessions and their training is geared toward stepping onto a platform or other arena of competition.  Our athletes compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and other fitness competitions ranging from CrossFit style events to obstacle course races. Serious athletes use these advanced programs as a platform to take their athleticism to the next level for their sport of choice.

$90 / per month

Classes dedicated to burning calories without the barbell.

starting at $35 / per session

One on One training sessions with a coach.

$80 for a 10 class punch pass

As you get older, specifically 55 & over, your body adapts to whatever level of fitness you require of it.

Whether you are carrying groceries, gardening in your yard or simply playing with your children or grandchildren, your daily activities require certain basic maintenance.

For those 55 and over, special care and attention need to be taken to craft programs that address specific needs that may emerge such as:

Avoiding knee, ankle and hip problems with lower impact routines.
Dealing with joint pain or limited range of motion.
Increasing muscular strength as bone density potentially diminishes

starting at $35 / per session

Our staff has extensive experience designing special needs fitness programs.

Many times we are working with people whose needs are acute and severe. Often those who suffer from severe accidents with permanent long-term effects, strokes, or debilitating neurological conditions are left with few options to continue pursuing their lives after physical therapy ends.

We help improve the lives of people who still have a lot of life left to live, but need a program that is built with special care and consideration for their specific situation. We can help you get moving again and get plugged into an awesome community that is supporting and uplifting!

starting at $20 / per week

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