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20 June

Personal Training

Every client is different. The most effective and efficient way to reach your personal goals is to have a personal plan developed with your Coach For Life. At any level, this is the best option for those that are serious and committed to their goals.

Services include:

  1. Comprehensive assessment
  2. Goal setting support
  3. Ongoing nutrition and lifestyle optimization support
  4. Minimum of 1-6 custom designed workouts per week based on goals and ability
  5. May also include some Notch 8 group training sessions when appropriate
  6. Weekly review and feedback based on logged training, sleep and nutrition results
  7. Quarterly 1-on-1 reassessment and planning session
  8. Training can be done at Notch 8 or remotely

Below are some sample focus areas for Notch 8 Personalized Coaching:

Muscle Gain / Fat Loss – Improve body composition through nutrition and lifestyle management.
General Physical Preparedness – Focus on living a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.
Competition Prep – Taking GPP to the next level; focus on competition performance.
Strength – Increase absolute strength in all squatting, pressing and pulling movements.
Endurance – Prep for a marathon/triathlon or just improve general cardio respiratory endurance.
Olympic Weightlifting – Improve explosive power and technique in snatch, clean & jerk and derivative movements.
Gymnastics – Improve body weight control and strength, anything from first pull-up to more advanced skills.
Mobility – Improve the range of motion of all major joints; move well before moving fast or heavy.

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