Prove Your Fitness!

It’s Open time!

The 2023 CrossFit Open will be kicking off on February 16th, and while most of us aren’t aiming to qualify for the CrossFit Games, it provides a great opportunity to test our fitness and hang out with our Notch 8 family.  This post will give you a run down on how we will run the Open, and what you can expect.

  • The deadline to register and buy your T-shirt is Saturday, February 11th.  Sign up on the clipboard under the TV.  Your Zen Planner account will be charged on 2/13/23.  
  • We are selling Notch 8 Open T-shirts for $30.  That buys you a spot on a team. The proceeds from the shirt sales will be used to provide food for the Friday night afterparties.
  • Teams will be chosen randomly.
  • The Open will run on Fridays for 3 weeks – 2/17, 2/24 & 3/3.
  • CrossFit will announce the WODS on Thursdays.  That will be the class WOD on Fridays that everyone will do.  There will be Rx and scaled divisions for all age groups.
  • Classes on Fridays will be run in 2 heats so that everyone has a judge.  We want you to get a real competition feel.
  • There will be NO CLASSES at 4:30 & 6pm on those Fridays.  Instead, you MUST register for a heat time on Zen Planner.  The heats will go for as long as we need to get everyone in.
  • If you are unable to get the Open workout done on Friday, you can do it on Saturday or Monday, but are responsible for finding your own judge.
  • If you are working out on a Friday night, you will need to come in early to warm up on your own so that you are ready to go when your heat starts.
  • We will need other members around that are willing to judge heats throughout the night so that everyone has a judge.
  • Points will be awarded for costumes, team spirit, and WOD scores.  There will also be other ways to earn extra credit points each week.
  • There will be weekly themes that everyone is encouraged to take part in.
    • Viking night – since you all just finished rowing like Vikings
    • Twinsies – find a partner or two and dress alike
    • Nerd night – bring your smarts
  • The afterparty on 3/3 will be a Trivia Night that will act as a fundraiser.  The team that wins the Open will get to choose where the money will be donated.
  • You will be split up into your teams and have an opportunity to score points for your team in a variety of ways that don’t involve fitnessing.

Get ready to prove your fitness and have a blast doing it!