Social Media in Bed

Many of us stay up way too late in bed scrolling through social media before we actually fall asleep at night, but few actually pay attention to the negative effects this really has. I have  noticed this personally, how much harder it is just for me to fall asleep on the nights that I stay up staring at my iPhone. It is very easy to do, especially when you hear the phone buzz right next to you. It is hard to resist the urge of checking that latest notification and a common unhealthy habit done by SO many. A simple trick that is odd getting used to is just turning your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode. You can also set up your phone to turn on to “Do Not Disturb” at the same time every night, that way you won’t have to remember to turn it on. Do this a few minutes before you actually begin to wind down for the night and I guarantee you WILL notice the difference. There has already been tons of research and scientific studies proving that late night social media scrolling and even late night television has a negative impact on our quality sleep at night.

Check out this article talking about some of the negative impacts these screens have at night: Scary Ways Technology Affects Your Sleep

-Zeke Cutler