What water does for us

H2Oh… Really?! Yes, I went there.. Because today’s topic is all about the importance of staying hydrated. What does water actually do for us and why is it so important.. Keep reading to find out.

As human beings, we physically can NOT live without water. It is the most critical nutrient that we can provide ourselves. Take a few seconds to think about how you feel when you’ve gone all days or even hours on end without drinking water. Probably sluggish, exhausted, unmotivated and unable to focus, etc. So, what does water actually do for us?

  1. Forms saliva (which aids in our digestion).
  2. It is needed by our brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters- Our brain is actually composed of 95% water (which is why you might be having trouble focusing).
  3. Acts as a shock absorber for our brain and our spinal cord- (sounds pretty important if you ask me).
  4. Allows our body’s cells to grow, reproduce and survive.
  5. Regulates body temperature through sweating and respiration.
  6. Lubricates your joints.
  7. Flushes out body waste and toxins- (Keep track of how often you use the restroom throughout the day, you will notice a big change!)
  8. Helps deliver oxygen through our entire body.
  9. Essential in building muscle, strengthening, endurance, etc.


Let’s discuss number 9 briefly.. Water IS NECESSARY for building muscle, making your muscles stronger and increasing their endurance (aka how many reps you can do before fatigue!) Are muscles are made of mostly water so they NEED water to do the best they can do. Water helps transfer your nutrients and electrolytes to your muscles, keeps them full of energy and helps get rid of the toxins and wastes that your muscles might want to hold on to.. So drink that water and let’s recover together!

– Coach Samantha Jones